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Kicker 12 Solo-baric L7 Car Subwoofer 2 Ohm Dvc 11S12L72

12 Solo-baric L7 Car Subwoofer 2 Ohm5 Star Rating
12 Solobaric L7 Car Subwoofer 2 Ohm
Shopping For 12 Solo-baric L7 Car Subwoofer 2 Ohm From Kicker

The 12 Solo-baric L7 Car is a nice choice in case you are looking to buy a brand new subwoofer. 12 Solo-baric L7 Car is an instance of high quality item you can aquire these days. If you are looking to acquire this subwoofer, you have come to the ideal place. We offer you special promotions for this bass with safe purchase. I really believe you will like that the product has got this feature, one-piece solo kon with full back bracing for toughness and zero distortion. The subwoofer has a weight of 23 lbs. Shopping for 12 Solo-baric L7 Car. For more information regarding this subwoofer, click on our partners via the link on this site.

The 12 Solo-baric L7 Car Subwoofer 2 Ohm is really an affordable choice. kicker solo-baric subwoofer technology continues maintain

On Sale: $268.24
Publisher: Kicker
Model: S 12 L 72
UPC: 713034055037
Qty: 1

Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer technology continues to maintain the title as the first and foremost authority on bass. The Solo-Baric's cutting-edge, square-sub design ultimately means more cone area, much more air displacement and, therefore, more decibels than a conventional round woofer. Features: Tough-as-nails steel basket with perimeter venting for toughness 2-Ohm dual voice coil IMPEDANCE (Ohms) - 2 DVC POWER WATTS (peak/RMS) - 1500/750 SENSITIVITY (d B 1w/1m) - 88. It was the world's very first patented square subwoofer, supplying the extra decibels needed for deep, musical bass inside a mobile audio system. 6 With a patented corner-ribbed, double-stitched Santoprene surround helping to hold the enormous motor structure in place, the Solo-Baric L7 provides durability at a high excursion without compromising sound high quality.

Features List

  • As a Solo-Baric subwoofer, it uses KICKER's most innovative concepts and technology
  • One-piece Solo Kon with full back bracing for toughness and zero distortion
  • Heat-dissipating, solid pole piece and high-temp coil wire for longer woofer life
  • The newest square masterpiece is relentless, delivering more decibels with the patented extra cone area
  • Reliable stitched surround for minimizing cone flex
  • Quantity: 1
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 9.6" Length: 14.6" Width: 14.6"
  • Package Weight: 24.55 lbs.

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