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Boss AR1500M Armor 1,500-WATT Mono Mosfet Amplifier

AR1500M Armor 1


Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

Shopping online is a lot easier and supplies limitless options of bass, and you can now choose between a trustworthy retailer. If you find yourself shopping for a bass I've assembled some information. The AR1500M Armor 1 in black brought to you by Boss Audio is a superb bass for the vehicle. The EAN barcode or the "International Article Number" for this is 0613815589198. These subwoofers comes in black. A listing of special features are remote subwoofer level control included, 700w x 1 rms power, mosfet monoblock power amplifier and 1500 w x 1 max power. The bass is 2.56"H x 10.31"L x 6.5"W and it has a weight of 4.4 lbs.

Why sacrifice performance for the sake of convenience? utilizing a slimmer chassis, ARMOR could be the perfect amplifier when space is limited, and energy is required. Indeed, this combination of feature-rich performance and put-it-anywhere convenience is tough to find in the automotive environment; so much so that the ARMOR may possibly well be forging its own item category.


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