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Bazooka BTA6100 Bt Series 6-INCH 100-WATT Amplified Tube Subwoofer

BTA6100 Bt Series 6-INCH 100-WATT Amplified5 Star Rating
BTA6100 Bt Series 6INCH 100WATT AmplifiedBazooka BTA6100 Bt Series 6INCH 100WATT Amplified Tube Subwoofer Image 1
Kick Out The Jams To The BTA6100 Bt Series By Bazooka

Songs definitely will ROCK inside your vehicle with BTA6100 Bt Series from Bazooka. I feel you will love that it offers this feature of 6-inch bass tube with on-board 100-watt, 2-channel amplifier. Other features consist of one-year limited warranty, 6-inch dual voice coil subwoofer and includes straps for secure mounting. It's dimensions are 8.4"H x 22.8"L x 8.7"W and it weighs only 11.64 lbs. Best price BTA6100 Bt Series 6-INCH 100-WATT Amplified.

How big is the BTA6100 Bt Series 6-INCH 100-WATT Amplified? bazooka series amplified tube subwoofer all-in-one

On Sale: $155.00

As all-in-one solutions go, you simply can't beat the A100 Amplified Bass Tubes by Bazooka. When connected to your system, the end result is seamless integration, both electrically and audibly, yielding sound high quality that your factory system simply can't touch. Designed to grow to become a simple-to-install yet effective upgrade to your car's existing mobile audio system, the A100 Bass Tubes function a 100-watt, 2-channel amplifier built proper in, coupled to a dual voice coil woofer. Since the amplifier features a built-in crossover to remove the high frequencies that the woofer cannot play from the signal, you get exactly what you need in the A100--crisp, clean bass and nothing more.

BT Amplified Bass Tubes The new amplified Bazooka subwoofers feature the legendary patented Bass Tubes enclosure design, but using a twist. Available in 100-watt BTL or 250-watt Class D amplifier configurations, the new amplified Bazooka subwoofers are the true solution for the typical automobile interior problem of"not enough space for bass. These units are completely self-contained bass monsters."

BTA6100 The BTA6100 attributes a 6-inch dual voice coil subwoofer and fits in locations most subs can't. Simply point it into the rear corner to take advantage from the Bass Tubes enclosure, and you're rockin' in no time! The 6-inch functions great behind the seat of small trucks, the trunks of sedans, or hatchbacks.

Bazooka Add-ons Use Bazooka's F. A. S. T. harnesses to make installation even easier. The T-shaped harness has three ends: One plugs into your car's OE radio, a single plugs into the plug you removed from the OE radio, and also the third finish runs all the way back towards the rear of the vehicle and plugs into your A100 Bazooka subwoofer. They're a straightforward way to safeguard your vehicle's warranty by producing installation a plug-in process. Great for leased vehicles, the F. A. S. T. systems are accessible for most popular cars.

Features List

  • One-year limited warranty
  • Patented tube enclosure design is optimized for "corner loading," for maximum bass performance
  • Includes straps for secure mounting
  • 6-inch dual voice coil subwoofer
  • 6-inch bass tube with on-board 100-watt, 2-channel amplifier
  • Quantity: 1
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Languages:
  • English (Unknown)
  • English (Original Language)
  • English (Published)
  • Product Dim.: Height: 8.4" Length: 22.8" Width: 8.7"
  • Weight: 11.64 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 8.6" Length: 22.1" Width: 9.2"
  • Package Weight: 12.15 lbs.

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