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Boss D10F Phantom 10-INCH 4-OHM Flat Subwoofer

D10F Phantom 10INCH 4OHM Flat Subwoofer


Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

Boost the volume from your automobile to the D10F Phantom 10-INCH in black - a great product manufactured by Boss Audio. The color of these woofers is black. I certainly liked that the bass has the feature of 800w peak, skull eyes light up to the beat of the music. Other features consist of 60 oz magnet structure, frequency response: 35hz-2. 2k hz, 35hz - 2. 2k hz frequency response and power output: 400w rms, 800w peak. It's 10.6" Height x 10.6" Length x 4" Width and weighs approximately 1 lbs. The warranty is: one year. Best deal on black D10F Phantom 10-INCH 4-OHM Flat Subwoofer.

Low frequency sound reproduction will be the first thing you'll notice when you hear a super-sub. The subcussion you feel could be the second, and within the case of the phantom maybe even the third. Combine that with extraordinary cosmetics at the same time as the new Phantom"cast"Subwoofers will guarantee you a position in the winner's circle.


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