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Lanzar MAXP104D Max Pro 10-INCH 1,200-WATT Small Enclosure Dual 4-OHM Subwoofer

MAXP104D Max Pro 10INCH 1
Lanzar MAXP104D Max Pro 10INCH 1200WATT Small Enclosure Dual 4OHM Subwoofer Image 1

Sound Around

Package Quantity: 1

Everyone who is shopping for a bass I have assembled some information. Look into the MAXP104D Max Pro 10-INCH 1 a great bass by Sound Around! I'm sure you will love that the product offers stamped steel basket w/hex key input terminal. Other features consist of bumped vented motor structure, black non-pressed paper cone and specially treated foam edge suspension. The bass is 7.64" Height x 10.76" Length x 10.76" Width and has a weight of 12.7 lbs. The warranty is: one year. For your transaction goes smoothly and everybody comes out satisfied, I'll provide some tips before you buy this item. Which means you aren't frustrated after purchasing it and in accordance with the item you require. You will also discover price comparisons from dealers that I met, so you get the very best price presently for this fantastic bass. Getting the MAXP104D Max Pro 10-INCH 1. We would like for you to get the best price when shopping for a subwoofer.

Black Non-Pressed Paper Cone Specially Treated Foam Edge Suspension Stamped Steel Basket w/Hex Key Input Terminal Bumped Vented Motor Structure Custom Designed Rubber Magnet Boot 2-Inch Dual Layer High Temperature Kapton Voice Coil 60 + 60 oz. 72, SPL: 85 (d B) , Vas: 4. Impedance Fs: 50Hz, Qms: 4. 12"908 (Cuft) Mounting Depth: 5. 84, Qts: 0. Heavy Double Stacked Magnet Structure 1200 Watts Peak Power Dual 4 Ohms Nom. 92, Qes: 0.


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